Why zentocoach? Why zen? Why coach? Why blog?

I have followed Zen for many years, along with Tao, Yoga, Meditation and many other similar paths.  each in its own way and combined has led me forward. There have been forks and these paths seem to suggest which fork to take, not always necessarily the one less traveled.

Throughout my life, as the first-born, i seem to have slipped into a coach role. I liked that responsibility. I liked to lead. I liked to learn. I liked to talk. i liked to advise people. i was quick to offer solutions, even unasked. That is what i thought a coach should do.

Over the years Zen and Coaching intersected. By then i had been a mentor to many in business, i had counseled many spiritually, i had taught many in self-development and i had liked all these roles. Zen, i now realized, was different. It was not about me. It was not about my leading. it was not about my offering solutions. It was about the other finding his/er way.

Was i giving others the space to find their own paths and solutions? My wife would vociferously say no. She has been my staunchest support and fiercest critic.  She coached me without telling me. I have learnt a bit.

Zentocoach is what i realize my path in helping others is. Over sixty, i have some experiences to offer, perhaps more in terms of what i should not have done, and an orange light to warn others. These may help. More importantly, i have learnt to shut up and listen. There is no longer the inner dialogue going on preparing a suitable smart response even as the other was talking. There is no longer the great urge to be heard.

Zentocoach is about listening to others and waiting for others to find their own solutions. I have a small disadvantage of not being a woman, as listening comes to women naturally. Being feminine is about not being in any desperation to find solutions or offer solutions. Femininity allows one to flow with what happens without struggling. The wise Tao defines yin thus.

Aging has reduced my masculinity and enhanced my femininity. I am content to listen and flow with what happens. I have realized that struggling in life has not led to any great achievements. I understood that when i let things take their own course, i benefited more. It required dropping my ego to realize this.

Now that i have understood, perhaps i can make others understand. hence, this first step, albeit a small step.

The blog seems the best way to express today. It is private and yet public if i choose so. i can control, if i wish to, who listens to me. I can express daily, many times daily or once a year. far more importantly to me, i can also listen to feedback from others who may choose to read what i blog!

As the next step, i can convert this blog into a book, when i wish to. This serves as the draft manuscript. I fancy myself as a writer. More of that later.

So, i take the first step, in a journey of many pages. i hope there would be others who would join me in this.

Via con Dias!