It was a chance meeting with a friend i had not met in years that set me off on this journey.

This friend too had run companies as i had. He had retired from active work as i had.  He said he had gone through a program training him as a coach.

I had always assumed that one had to have it in oneself to be a coach. What was the need for training, i wondered? Since this friend was nobody’s fool and not the kind of person to waste money, i took down details of where he trained. I also then talked to a few others who had either been trained or were coaching without any training.

It seemed possible that i could go on to coaching others, especially in the corporate field, even without any training or certification, based on my network. In addition, i had also spent over 5 years teaching spirituality oriented self-development programs, which involved counseling, therapy and mentoring.  I probably knew enough to self kick-start.

My wife’s sage counsel convinced me that i should train myself, even if that involved some time and money. My inner voice too told me, though rather feebly, that i needed the discipline of being trained as if going back to school, even if i didn’t need the skills.  I was as usual wrong in this too. I have learnt a lot in this journey of being trained, both through the material that i needed to read and work on and the interactions in the classrooms.

I studied about and talked to a few institutes that offered coaching training and certification, some within India where i lived and others outside. I found International Coaching Academy, ICA, the most suitable for me.  There were no hidden costs and what i saw on the website was clear about what i would get.  An enquiry mail led to a few Skype calls and i had an offer i couldn’t refuse.

From the beginning, i was clear about the need for certification. The training was a means to an end. The faster the better. Of the lot i looked at, ICA led me closest to the point of International Coaching Federation’s  professional coach certification, within the quickest time, at the lowest cost and through the most convenient path. Yes, i would still have to clock more coaching hours beyond ICA certification to qualify for ICF certification, but even within a few weeks of signing up, the path seems quite clear.

In fact, my sight is now set on ICF master coach certification!

What would i get being a coach? What would i miss not being a coach? Why would i think i might make a good coach?

Some answers would need to wait for time and its certification. At this stage of my life, money, name, fame etc are fine if they come along, but not essential outcomes to my journey. i am content with a journey with no destination. This may not remain the same for many.

I see being a coach, a certified coach, as a life long opportunity. I need not depend on an institution to employ and support me. I can use the web to market myself. All i need are clients. Having been a business person all my life, i would like to recover my investment in training, but that would be secondary. Interacting with another person and leading that person through a mutually pleasant journey to a potentially desirable  outcome is reward enough.

This is what i would miss if i do not embark on this journey. It is about traveling together without an agenda. The purpose not to prove myself right; in fact it may be just the opposite.

The Tao says: The wise one achieves without action and leads others without words.

i guess that is what makes a good coach. Would i be one? i hope so!

i am learning to listen and not to talk. i focus on the other’s interest and not mine. Over the last few years my spiritual journey has helped me to be more aware of myself. I have also learnt to be less judgmental of others. I guess these are good starting points.

I am now ready to journey!