Someone in the ICA teleclass mentioned this video. I remembered i had seen it several months ago. Seeing it again brought smiles, laughter and new understanding. It was a zen moment. It was zazen.

An evening train in the Paris Metro full of tired, grumpy, inward looking passengers. Some look wistfully at the posters advertising a tropical paradise. Some others slyly look at another passengers, and once they get notices quickly and guiltily look away. All look vacant.

In comes a man, middle-aged and balding.  He has a gentle smile on his face that broadens as he sits down.  A gurgling sound emerges from him. Suddenly he explodes into laughter. The belly laughter ebbs and flows, sometimes raucous and sometimes silent. Soon, the entire compartment is laughing.

Watch till the end and join the laughter. It is good to laugh. it is healthy to laugh.

Why do you coach or want to coach? Most would say that they wish to coach to make someone else feel better. They wish to make someone else feel happier. The coach too would like to feel happy.

What better way than to laugh and make someone else laugh?

If we feel that every coaching journey has an outcome or must have an outcome, sooner than later we shall be disappointed. The outcome is not in the hands of the coach. Often, the outcome is not in the hands of the client a well. However committed a client is, however inspiring a coach may be, there can be no guarantee of a desire outcome materializing. There are factors beyond the control of the client and the coach.

But, the journey of coaching can be fun. It must be fun.

Humor, laughter, self-deprecation, some lack of seriousness and all such things can make the journey pleasant.  An aggressive focus on the outcome can leave the client irritated and the coach frustrated.

Join the Bodhisattva, learn to laugh and be a better Coach!