Do see this video if you are a coach and or plan to be a coach. I acknowledge those who put this up on YouTube.

At one level it may seem farcical. At another it does reflect what one tries to do as a coach.

A coach helps envision, plan, act as a safety net and celebrate client’s success.  We don’t have take this terribly seriously. Unlike in the video, there is little danger of body or mental harm. As we discussed in one class, one treason coaches are unlikely to get sued any time soon is that unlike doctors the harm that they may cause may not be tangible and provable! As long as the coach is not foolish enough to make tall claims and false guarantees, the coach can go on forever on a cushy journey!

A sense of humor goes a long way in making the journey comfortable, both to coach and client. The journey needs to be pleasant and fun. Is there a point in a client reaching his/er destination with a grumpy, perfection seeking coach?

We are not here to save the world. Even if we wish to we don’t know how. One should have courage of one’s convictions, but one has to realize others too may have their convictions, sometimes radically different from ours.