Buddha said to his disciples as he was about to leave his body: I have lit a flame in your hearts. Now, each of you go and light one in another heart.

In each of us there is a spark waiting to ignite into a flame. The size of the spark and what takes to ignite it may differ, but there is none among us without the potential of that spark.

Howard Gardner defined a dozen or more multiple intelligences. Standard IQ tests measure but a few. None of us possesses all these intelligences. I doubt if an Einstein or a Leonardo Da Vinci possesses all. Contrariwise, there is none among us who does not possess one of some of these intelligences.

I may be a great business strategist, but  a lousy carpenter. One carpenter, i know of, was a great carpenter and a great strategist too!

In many of us, the spark remains hidden waiting to be tapped and nudged into a flame. I believe that a coach‘s job is just that, to identify the spark in another and help light the flame.

It is a challenge, an exciting and rewarding challenge to do this and not a burden. Sometimes, we get put off by client responses of seeming noncooperative. These responses arise from blocks of undermining beliefs. The coach has to be self-aware to be aware of the client blocks. The coach must find ways around the blocks for the client to move on.

This is the ethical responsibility of a coach.

We all can create that self-awareness within us as coaches.  We are all coaches, perhaps not accredited or certified, but still have the potential to coach. We need to light that flame within us and then light another.

Don’t ever think the job is too big or you are too small.You can make the difference.

The Dalai Lama says: If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.