My acknowledgment to Lao Tzu and the internet site for the logo. The interpretation and application to Coaching is mine. For whatever is incorrect, I am responsible.

Chapter 1 of Tao, The Journey,  says:

1.1 The Tao of Coaching is the journey without a destination. It is the first step of a thousand miles, endless and joyous. It is a process, not an end. It is being, not action.

Do not make a schedule and a timetable, nor a list of do and don’t.

Wherever the journey takes you, as long as you enjoy the journey, the destination will be right for you.

1.2  There is no start and no end. It is an ongoing creation. You are not the creator. You are a witness.

Be aware as it creates itself.  Being leads to doing. You merely watch.

Watch and listen. There is no need to act. Creation creates itself.

1.3  There is no outcome. Whatever happens is the result. If one approaches with a goal in mind, it will be a fruitless journey.

Obsession with destination takes the joy out of the journey. Just be, watch, listen and enjoy. Why bear the burden of your baggage when the train carries the load?

Unload your judgment.

1.4  As we travel, scenes change. Simple becomes complex and complexity resolves into simplicity. Such is the wonder of Tao.

In the beginning the mountain is the mountain, the river is the river. In the middle, the mountain is no longer the mountain nor the river the river. In the end, the mountain becomes the mountain and the river become the river.

Relax and be one with the path of Tao.