I acknowledge Wikipedia and the Louvre for this picture of the bust of Socrates!

Today was one of those enlightening days!

In an ICA class with Leon Vanderpol, we discussed the issue of Commitment Vs Trying. I an earlier session, Leon has asked us to think of priority issues in our lives and asked us to rate them on a scale of 10 about how committed we were to resolving these issues. I jotted down three issues upper most on my mind and rated all of them at 10.

Most others had rated themselves between 5 and 7 on their commitment to issues, which were critical to them. Leon asked me to explain. To me it was simple. Either i commit myself to something 100% or not at all. If i do not commit myself to something 100%,  i am merely expressing lip service to that cause.

This approach has caused me a lot of trouble in my life, but it has also helped me stand by whatever i believed in most.

Today, Leon continued with the second sessions and asked what we had learnt over the week. I said i was trying commit like every one else. It got a laugh. But, Leon took it seriously and told us about an incident that changed the way many of us looked at coaching.

Leon talked about a man he and a few others group coached in Taipei. This man knew Cantonese having been born in Hong kong and wanted to learn Mandarin. He moved from UK where he lived to Taipei,  hired tutors and gave it all he had, but was not satisfied with his progress. He sought coaching help.

Leon explained how he and the other coaches kept asking this man questions on all aspects of his learning and drew a blank. Suddenly, this man said that to him it was very important to use a word to convey exactly what he felt, so that his communication was accurate. The coaches knew by now that in English as well his choice of words were meticulous.

The moment he said this, they all realized that his discomfort in learning a new language was the fear of not communicating correctly. His belief system did not allow this. Realizing this was a breakthrough, which helped the man overcome the limiting belief and accelerate his learning.

Leon explained this as Underlying Automatic Commitment, also called Underlying Beliefs (UB) that ICA material covers in detail.

UAC stop us from committing. They limit us to trying. Helping a client get over UAC is a critical part of any coaching. The trick is to discover the UAC.

In my self learning of Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics methods of ‘auditing’  i learnt about using questions to uncover layers of assumptions till one reaches the important UAC that keeps one captive. This UAC triggers the unconscious and often undermining responses that limit our potential.

A classic ‘Dianetic audit’ uncovered why a young man refused to commit himself to a relationship, affecting both his career and personal life.  As soon as he became serious about a young woman and she expressed a need for commitment, he would run. The audit revealed that some years earlier he had an accident and was taken to hospital by paramedics. While talking among themselves one paramedic expressed his view on life saying, life is too short to get committed any one girl’.  In a state of trauma this statement embedded itself in the young man’s mind and unconsciously drove him for years away from any commitment!

Leon laser coached one of the participants in our group, with what others and i including the client could only term as a break through result in a significant issue of importance to the client. The process was amazingly direct and simple, and of course the Coach was a Master!

UB and UAC can be and must be overcome. Otherwise we cannot live our lives fully.

I offered to share a few understandings and techniques i learnt during my unfocused wandering between spirituality and mind control. It is possible to relive one’s traumatic experiences that cause UAC and UB and relieve them through simple meditative processes. Of course, one needs understanding and internalization of the techniques.

Over the next few posting, shall explain the underlying principle and the technique.

Once again, thank you Leon for the teaching and triggering these thoughts.