I had offered and planned to detail some meditation techniques that would help expand self-awareness and lead to unblocking limiting beliefs.

On reflection,  i realized two limitations! Firstly, these techniques should ideally be guided for proper understanding and execution even on a stand alone meditation mode. Secondly, to use these as unblocking techniques, a guide is a must.

And yet, these techniques are extremely helpful and even if improperly used cannot cause damage. I am in a dilemma. I need a coach!

So, let me explain a few techniques over the next several posts, not necessarily sequentially, some simple techniques. Each has a definite purpose, but all create self-awareness. As one reaches deeper levels of self-awareness, unblocking from limiting beliefs automatically happens.

If there are specific questions, i shall be happy to respond.

Technique 1

The first technique is one of the most powerful techniques i have experienced. It is called Vipassana. Buddha taught Vipassana as an enlightening technique to his disciples upon his own liberation.  You can get more information on this at http://www.dhamma.org, who conduct this as a free program in many countries.

Watch out! It is for 10 days. 10 days of no talk, no reading, no TV, getting up at 4 in the morning. Bu, it is sublime. Once you step in, you immerse. I would recommend anyone and everyone to go through this. The video gives some idea of the program.

Here, let me explain it so that you can start practicing it NOW.

Allow 20 minutes as undisturbed time. Set an alarm if you wish. Sit comfortably in a chair. Don’t, if you are not used to it, cross your legs in a lotus pose sitting on the floor. You may not get up. Just ensure that your spine is straight to allow energy flow.

Close your eyes. Vision accounts for 80% of sensory perceptions. If you have super hearing or you live in a noisy place, plug your ears.

Now, focus on the triangular portion below your nostrils and above your upper lip, where normally men grow a mustache, with relaxed awareness, but not as if your life depended on it. Breathe normally and steadily.

Just watch your breath as it falls on this triangular area. Watch how it shifts from one nostril to another as it emerges and as it returns. Become aware of how fast the breath flows,  at what temperature and where it falls. Let your breath become your anchor. Hold on to it.

If thoughts disturb, as they surely will, as you as you are aware that you are not watching your breath, return to watching your breath. Don’t feel guilty. Only the dead do not have thoughts. Anyone else who tells you otherwise lies.

Learn to just witness thoughts as they arise. Do not follow them. Do not try to kill them. You cannot. No one can. Just watch and let the thought go. Return to watching the breath.

Practice makes perfect. Let each session be 20 minutes. Practice everyday. If you can, practice in the same place. Practice anytime, except with in an hour of a meal. You may doze off. Avoid practicing this within an hour of going to  sleep. The energy  may be too strong to let you sleep.

Nothing more, nothing less. Good luck!

Technique 2

Now the next meditation, also a very basic one.

Sit and close your eyes as explained before.

Take a deep breath and as you exhale produce a humming or rumbling sound from your belly, all the time with mouth closed. The inhalation is without sound,  through the nostrils, with mouth firmly shut. The deep breath will make your belly expand. You can feel it. Now, exhale producing a deep rumbling sound from your belly. If you are a singer you would have been trained to produce the sound from your belly. While exhaling, the  mouth stays shut and breath goes out through the nostrils.You can feel your belly contract as you exhale.

This sound is not ‘OM’ or any such mantra. It is just sound. Do not attach any meaning to it.

Inhalation and exhalation must be deep right down to and from the belly, not from the nostrils, from the throat of chest. Go deep down.

Make the exhalation and the sound as deep as possible, as long as possible and as loud as possible. Smile as you inhale and exhale. Think you are the Buddha.

Do not strain yourself while breathing out with this sound from the belly. Relax the muscles of your back and shoulders. If you get stressed, lower the intensity of exhalation and the sound.

Keep producing this sound as you exhale for 20 minutes. Focus on the sound. Become the sound.  You may find your entire body vibrating. That is normal as long a sit is not uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable, stop.

Here too, as before, learn to witness thoughts when they arise without following them or stopping them. Switch back to humming and focusing on the sound.

There are some YouTube uploads that claim they are about humming meditation. They are not.

Technique 3

Another technique that i have used effectively before any session is laughter. You may laugh at my calling it meditation, but it is.

For as long as you can, laugh out loud, deep from your belly, without rhyme or reason. Inhale through the nostrils and explode as you open your mouth and laugh right from the belly. don’t try to set procedures. Let the laughter be natural. Belly laughter is relaxing, energizing, infectious and it produces awareness.

You will the next Bodhisattva in your workplace.

These techniques are not breathing control or yoga techniques. These techniques help to produce present moment awareness or mindfulness. They lead into a meditative state of disengaging from thoughts.

In some future posts, i shall describe a few advanced techniques that may help with unblocking specific emotional memories.