Want to share this great clip with acknowledgment to all those who produced it and my friend Jacob who sent it to me.

Just the same way as we exist as a microcosm of the Universe, made of the chemicals spewed out by the stars, billions of years ago as dust, the person next to us has the same stuff in him or her. Or the dogs guarding our house or the elephants and lions in the wild.

The great scriptures of the Veda culture reinforce this theme time and again. The microcosm is the same as the microcosm. We are a chip of the Cosmic hologram.

One of the oldest Veda scriptures, the Isa Vasya Upanishad, says in its opening verse:

Universe is complete Self is complete

From the Universe arises the Self

When the Self leaves the Universe

Both still remain complete

Energy of the Self represents a chip of the larger holographic energy of the Universe. Size may be smaller, but the energy remains the same. The entire Veda culture revolved around the world and the universe being a single family.

As we move inwards this realization dawns. When you are truly aware, the next person becomes you. If we can project the ‘You’ instead of the ‘I’, we become divine.

An entire chapter of the scripture Bhagavad Gita conveys this principle.  We all possess a mixed bag of qualities, some divine and some demonic. The combination makes us human. When we look from the ‘I’ perspective, the demonic qualities prevail. When we shift to the ‘You’ perspective, the divine qualities take over. It is that simple.

Coaching too is that simple. Shift the perspective from ‘I’ to ‘You’. You become a Coach.

The Coach is never alone. The Coach and the Client are one. The presence of the Coach must envelop the Client. The perspective must be congruent.