Says the Tao on Contrast:

1.  Why do we contrast? Why do we compare?  Why the negative and positive? Why the duality?

Beauty of the beautiful leads to ugliness of the not so beautiful.  Skill of the skillful leads to the incompetence of the not so skillful.

To the master, would this matter?

Nature is not dual. All is One. One is All. I am the Cosmos. The Cosmos is I.

2. When we see one exist, we see the other absent. Height denotes the absence of shortness. Difficulty denotes the absence of ease. Before means someone is behind. Musical notes show that harmony follows difference.

Would death lead to life?  Would being first lead to being last?  Would peace lead to war?

Differentiation leads to difference.

Conditioning leads to differentiation. Conditioning is human. Nature does not dictate.

3. The master does not differentiate. He does not compare. He does not tell you what to do.

To him, death and life are same. To him, success and failure are same. To him, praise and calumny are the same.

In everything good, there is something not so good. Nothing is ever bad all the time and all through. There is always good in bad. That is Tao.

The master speaks in silence. His silence is more powerful than anyone’s words.

4.  Nature creates without claiming ownership. What grows, grows on its own. What grows, dies. It grows again. The energy is unceasing and eternal.  Creator does not claim he creates.

The master does not dictate. He waits. He allows things to happen. He flows with what happens.

The wise coach flows with what happens.  He is mindful of his presence.  His presence guides the other.

Tao does not coach. Tao lets the path open. We travel as it opens. When the journey seems right, its destination is always right.