I tried getting a video clip to suit this piece. I gave up after a lengthy search.  Whatever i found on the net to fit this piece was not suitable.

In a recent ICA coaching teleclass, we talked about Energization.  Some said exercise gives them energy. Some felt tired after exercise. Some felt energized, or was it inspired, after reading some inspiration material or hearing some music or seeing someone do something spectacular.

What energizes the body may not always energize the mind or the spirit or the other way around. True energization happens when the mind, body and spirit get energized together. Our spirit raises, our mind excites and our body gets ready for action. Those in sports or any competitive field would recognize this mind body spirit coordination to be essential to flow with it, for being in the zone and to win.

Yoga and Tantra lay out a cafeteria of techniques to raise our energy. The concept of chakras, energy centers  in our body, a Tantra concept is an extraordinarily powerful one. Unfortunately, this concept and its associated techniques  have been misused with dangerous results. Despite having been grounded in the traditional methods, i foolishly attempted techniques described by a Californian New Age author to raise my ‘kundalini’ with disastrous results. I nearly lost my eyes. Later, i discovered others who had lost their minds!

Sir John Woodroffe‘s ‘The Serpent Power’ , published a hundred years ago, remains one of the authentic translations of the original Sanskrit texts, to understand the concept of the energy centers and energy meridians in one’s body. These meridians and centers are the connectors of mind, body and spirit. Chinese systems of ‘chi’ parallel this concept.

These energy centers control our emotional states as well. Meditating upon the energy centers unblock our negative emotional states and release the passage of energy. Yoga, through the physical postures called asanas and breath control techniques called pranayama, attempts the same.  Over several posts in future i shall describe some of these techniques, sanitized for safety and yet powerful enough for daily practice.

Let me describe a very simple, yet powerful, technique to start your day on the right note. This has Sufi origins.

When we are asleep, we move into a state called the causal body. When we are awake, we are in our gross body state. In between, when we drop off to sleep or when we are about to wake, we transition through our subtle body state. Our energy centers are most active at this state as they lie on this plane connecting all three body states.

As you are about to get up, but not still out of bed, go through these simple steps.You are in your subtle body state.

With your eyes closed, touch yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, slowly, moving from head to soles and then reversing from soles to head. Congratulate yourself, admire yourself for having such a wonderful body, and mind and intellect and spirit, (irrespective of whether you believe you have or not). Offer gratitude to the universe for having given you such a magnificent gift.

Do this sincerely. Take your time. use either hand or both. Even if you no hair on your head, admire your bald pate. So with every other body part. Do not discount yourself on any score. You are the perfect 10.

God, or the Supreme Power, is not a lathe operator producing 7 billion mass products of humans. He is an artist who creates each one with care, love, compassion and pride. Who are we to judge what He created in His wisdom? Admire, congratulate and thank.

Do this over 20 minutes at least. Repeat till you are convinced of your unique value, daily and day after day. You can also do it just before you go to sleep.

Try this for 21 days and see for yourself the difference.

If you like, set yourself an intent, say weight loss or whatever, before you do this.

If you have any questions, do mail me.