Tao 3: Balance

1. Good men are valuable but if too esteemed cause envy, so beware

Possessions are essential, but if too valuable get stolen, so beware

2. By keeping the mind still, satisfied with what one needs

Comparison dissolves, envy retreats, wisdom dawns

3. Renouncing the results of action , acting without goals

Doing gets focused and restores harmony and peace

These verses can be interpreted in many ways and have been. One noted Western scholar says that Lao Tse advised the rulers to keep his citizens ignorant and their bellies full. Quite rational!

These verses resonate with those of the Bhagavad Gita.

Krishna says: Act, as you must. You cannot stay in action. But, do not focus on results. You have no control.

We have NO control. We only believe we do. When things go right, we are ready to take responsibility.  When things go wrong we apportion blame.

Is anyone so confident of even the next breath?

When one’s next breath is not in one’s control, when no one is sure how long one will live, where is the question of certainty of being sure of the result of what we do?

Yes, we can intend. We should intend well for all. We should act in line with our intent. Let no one be so arrogant to assume that all that one intends will happen.

To be content and to be without comparison with another, is to be happy.

That is Tao.