The Secret and many others tell us these.

1. The Universe has the potential to give us anything we wish. Some call it the Law of Potentiality.

2. We have the potential to get anything we want. Some call it the Law of Attraction.

3. All we need to do to receive what we wish is to creatively visualize what we want, with no contradictions, in color, 3D  and involving all sensory inputs. Some call it Creative Visualization.

4. Let us think of all what we wish as achieved reality, let go and thank the Universe.

5. Amen, Hallelujah, we have It!

About a hundred years ago, Wallace Wattles wrote ‘Science of Getting Rich’ explaining how to visualize creatively and get what one wants. A few years later,  Charles F Haanel wrote ‘Master Key System’  explaining the Law of Attraction and Visualization. These two books have been the basis for everything that was written since in the Western world as Secret, Attraction, Creative Visualization, Mind Control , Alpha  and every thing else of Self Help techniques.  PDF files of these two books are freely down-loadable from the Net as well as YouTube clips of some techniques.

Wattles acknowledged his inspiration as Hindu philosophy, in particular the non-duality concept of Shankara. Shankara, who lived over a thousand years ago, said that we have the Universe within us. When we think ourselves as being separate from the potential of the Universe, we are delusional. The illusion of our mind, our ego,  causes this delusion of separation. He called Maya. Now, we have a graphics software by that name.

Why is it so difficult for many of us to accept the power of Visualization?

The fact is that we visualize all the time. Almost all the time we visualize negatively. We call this worry. We call this stress. We imagine all kinds of obstacles standing in our way when we do something. The ‘what if’ scenario led to visualization of  negatives. Has any bean counter ever used an Excel sheet to do a ‘what if’ on how to think rich?  It is always about problem scenarios.

Because we think negatively, things happen negatively. We imagine a problem and obsess about it. No wonder the problem materializes. This is what the Law of Attraction is about. No Self help Guru needs to explain this to you. You know this from your own reality.

Why can’t we disengage from this negative visualization?

From childhood, people guide us into doing what not to do. Every step a child takes is accompanied by a mother’s ‘watch it, baby’.

Two dogs met on the road on started talking. One said its name was Jack. The other said its name was Don’t do it Harry.

Jack said, ‘that’s no dog’s name’.

‘Yes, it is’ said DDIH, ”that is what my mistress always calls out, whenever i start doing something!’

We have seven billion variations of DDI something wandering on our planet right now.

Our conditioning is always about what we cannot do. Whether it’s the Ten Commandments or any other scripture, all religious and societal injunctions are about what we should not do. Rarely does anyone tell us to fly and break our legs.

Visualization helps us to fly and not break our legs. In the safety of our seats and beds, we can safely visualize anything . The more powerful and committed the visualization, the greater its chances of making it come true.

Thoughts do lead to action. Actions do lead to results. Intent leads to thoughts. Positive intent leads to positive results.

Start with an intent, however small. Create a scene in your mind as you sit quietly based on that intent. Make it as real as you can. Think only about how it is happening in real-time. Make it happen. Feel it happen. Smell it happen. Taste it happen. Hear it happen.

Then thank the Universe for making it happen and let go. Shakti Gawain tells you to place the intent in a red balloon and let it fly away. i find that imagery fantastic.

The Universe will make it happen. That is its job. You are the Universe. That is your job.

Perhaps you argued with a friend leaving both of you frazzled. Visualize both of you laughing together without a care in the world, enjoying each others company. Intend making your friendship firmer. See what a world of difference it makes, when you meet the friend the next time.

Let the Universe smile on you!