Tao 4: Without Beginning or End

1.  Tao is neither full nor empty.

Being full makes us conceited. Being empty makes us ignorant.

What matters is not how much we know, but what we know.

Does any one really care about what we know? If what we know helps someone, that person cares.  If we promote ourselves for our own sake, who cares?

Marketing gurus talk about focusing on the client. But most promotions and advertisements talk about the product or service, and not the customer.  How does a product sell without the customer?

2. Tao is not about excelling. Tao is not about comparison. Tao is about harmony.

Avoid being one extreme or another. Avoid greed as well as fear.

Nothing needs to be hated or obsessed about.

Tao is not this or that. It is One.

Our entire life is about comparison. From childhood, from school, we are ranked. The first three get medals. The rest become invisible. Is there a better way to reduce self-esteem?

Do we really need all that we want? How much can we really eat? How many rooms can we sleep in?  How many dresses or shoes can a woman wear at one time?  Do we buy things for ourselves or to prove to others what we have?

3.  No one created Tao.  Nothing came before Tao. Tao was always present.

Tao is eternal. Tao is without beginning or end.

Tao is the way of life. Life has always been.

Life came before God. If not, how did God exist?

Who created God?  Before man did God exist?

If there are so many Gods, one for each religion and culture, who is the real God?

Will the true God please stand up?