A discussion in an ICA class with Leon, as always, led me and several others to Ho’oponopono.

What, Ho what, you may as well ask?

A Hawaiian healing system, Ho’oponopono, pronounced Ho Opono Pono, rests on the belief of surrender to a super power. When we surrender to this super power, God, Allah, Shiva, or whatever name we wish to give that power, we link to that power. Automatically, we also link to each other.

Ho’oponopono believes that we are not waves separated from one another, but the ocean.

Once we believe in this fundamental principle, which is in fact the common thread in all Eastern religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism, and perhaps in other religions and cultures too, we take responsibility for every one else on this planet, for everything else in this universe.

So, what’s new?

What is new is the way Ho’oponopono applies this belief to our daily lives. Its modern-day practitioner Dr Hew Len healed an entire hospital full of criminally insane, cured them and closed the facility down. Joe Vitale, one of the participants in The Secret project, wrote Zero Limits along with Dr. Hew Len describing this amazing practice.

Dr. Hew, based on principles taught to him by a master practitioner of Ho’oponopono, gives a 5 step solution to all our problems.

1. Look into yourself for the cause of the problems you find in the outer world. One may see it as someone else’s problem or one’s own. Either way, take responsibility for all problems that come to you. Look in for memories connected to the problem.

2. Say to yourself, to your Divine Self,   ‘I Love You’.

3. Say ‘Please Forgive Me’

4. Say ‘I am Sorry’

5. Say ‘Thank You’.

Repeat as often as needed for closure.

The biggest issue most of us will have is in recognizing problems external to us as having been created by us. Our first response would be fear. How can we take the world on our shoulders?  What will happen to our shoulders? Nothing really. You’ll lose your painful memories of guilt, depression, anger, sorrow and such like.

You have nothing to lose but your negativity. Just try Ho’oponopono.

Please do listen to the music in the clip. It’s outstanding.