I am talking Golf here, nothing more, nothing less!

How is Sports Coaching different from other coaching methods?

A classic that i read years ago is a classic still. Tim Gallwey’s Inner Game of Tennis changed the way i learnt Tennis, not that i became very good at it. His second book Inner Game of Golf was not as relevant to me, since i never took to Golf.

Visualization has been a foundation tool for all great sportsmen. Whether team sports or individual, all sports are extremely competitive in nature. All sports depend on the person to raise above the average in performance. Effort in a team situation is secondary to a player’s ability to excel as an individual.

So it is with executives.

With all great sports persons mental skills have been  as important as physical skills. In critical situations, whether in Badminton or Chess, mental stamina spells the winner.

Visualizing playing in tough situations allows the player to face extremes without fear. Tiger Woods,  Arthur Ashe and  others like them have talked about how sitting on a chair, visualizing a game to be played, had been more important to their games than practice on  a course or the court.

Technical skills in coaching a sports person are important. So are management skills in coaching an executive. Every one learns these.

What then gives the edge?

In my humble opinion, business as it is with life, is about relationships.  Nothings is for the short-term. Improving relationships is not about glib talking. It is about looking from the other perspective. The Chinese say the best deal is one where you leave a dollar behind in negotiations.

Visualization or role play is critical in building relationships.  These can also turn around bad relationships. What matters is the mindset.