1. Tao is the Void.

Yet, it is the void from which everything comes forth.

It’s the spirit of all creation,  You, I, the World and the Universe, and all that is material.

Respect that Mother, the Yin.

Buddha called it the Void, Sunya. Shankara, who came  1300 years later called it Completeness, Purna. Tao calls it Void.

Scientists say Big Bang created the Universe. What created the Big Bang? Who created the  Big Bang?

Buddha says: The Universe always existed. It exists Now. It will exist forever.

Scientists say that Black Holes devour matter. Every thing disappears into a Black Hole. Black Holes signify destruction.

In the Hindu Trinity, Brahma creates, Vishnu maintains and Shiva destroys. Shiva, they say, destroys to create. He is the Rejuvenator.

Scientists talk about worm holes.  They talk about a multiverse. One can disappear from one universe and reappear through a wormhole in another universe in the multiverse.

How Cool!

Shiva knew about earlier!

2. You too are the Mother.  The Yin is in You.

Be still and you will be aware.

The Void is no longer a Void, but the energy of all Being.

Be still said Ramana Maharishi, and look within. Examine who you are. Ask where you came from. Where do your thoughts come from? Where do you go when you are dead?

Enquire within, he said. You will be aware.

You are the energy. You are the energy of all beings. You are the energy of the Universe. You just don’t know.

When you know,  you will not feel the power. The energy humbles you.

One who knows does not speak.

Move into that inexhaustible Yin, the Mother of all energies. Universe will shower on you name , fame and wealth.