The Hand of God, which you see here , may be really a radio telescope picture of a miraculous event or it may be a fake. Who knows? I don’t.

What i do know is something akin to a miracle that is happening to me. Let me share it.

Just yesterday i posted a blog on Tao and titled it Void. I had no idea why. I explained it as the emptiness from which everything arises. Again, this was an inspiration. I had never read anything or heard anything on this before.

Later yesterday, i received an extract from a book on the Hawaiian healing system of Ho’oponopono that i had blogged about a few days earlier. When i blogged on this, i had not read this book, Dr. Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits, though i had heard about it. I had also not seen the website.

The extract i received was part of the Appendix summarizing the Ho method, accompanied by a brief background note on it by its most famous practitioner Dr. Hew Len.

In this Hew talks about the Void. He says all we do is either based on inspiration from the Divine or conditioned memories from our unconscious. The memories that we have concern the problems others face. We share the memories of the problems of people who come to us. We need to clear these memories to clear the problems of these people. The universe sends these people to us for a purpose.

This is the crux of Ho’oponopono according to Hew.

He then says: We need to clear the inspiration from the Divine as well. We need to cleanse the Divine too. He called this the Void. This is the Zero Limits, the real zero point from which everything arises.

Zen says: Kill the Buddha if you meet him.  Hew says: Cleanse the Divine.

The serendipity of finding Dr. Hew Len’s reference to Void in a totally different and yet a meaningful context minutes after i wrote the blog is a miracle to me.  I then wondered how this came about.

I realized that i was actually practicing the Ho’oponopono system almost unconsciously before i wrote the blog. I love you. Please forgive me, I’m sorry and Thank you, kept cycling in my mind. Did that bring up something i had not even read till then?

Do try this and find out for yourself. You may be in for a miracle yourself. Who knows where it will end? I don’t.