Listen to Thich  Nhat Hanh, one of the best exponents of Mindfulness,  and the wonderful background music courtesy freedombeyon on YouTube. May God bless him!

A part of what Hanh talks about, i explained in an earlier post as the Vipassana breathing meditation.  Vipassana is the foundation of Mindfulness. It is about the Here and Now. It is not about religion or even spirituality. It’s about Now.

Think about what you are doing? What are you thinking about?

Mostly, it’s about what you have done and what you want to do. You think about the past or the future. We always are in regrets or guilt about the past, occasionally some joy, or in expectation of the future. It is rarely, almost never, about the Now.

Thought is the movement from past to future, and the other way around.  The present is a wayside stop, if at all. It’s tough to stay in the present. In the present, we have to be with us. It’s tough to be with us.

Our entire life is about setting goals. Where are these goals placed? They are in the future.  How do we get to goals? We set our goals based on our experiences of the past. We drive through the rear view mirror. It’s a miracle we don’t have more accidents in our lives.

Bhagavad Gita says: Do what you have to. Focus on what you do Now. stop worrying about results. Leave that to Me.

Sounds very foolish, doesn’t it? Who is this guy, Krishna, telling us to leave it to Him? Who does He think He is, God?

5000 years after Krishna said this, we practice this concept as Six Sigma. In today’s business world, the mantra is to focus on the process and the present moment. Thousands of years later, we have realized that whatever happens to us has to happen Now. Otherwise it’s never.