There will be an answer, let it be, sing the Beatles.

I adore the Beatles. I’ve always wondered how to fit in a Beatles clip in my blog. It’s now or never.

The Beatles were ahead of their times. The word ‘let’ is probably the most powerful word in our lexicon. We hate to use it. Using it means we are letting go off our control.

Not that i ever drove in snow, but the instruction i read that stuck to my mind forever is that when you are in a skid, steer into the skid. Don’t resist , but let go. That lesson, life saving as it is in driving, is life saving in daily life as well.

Everyday, we swing from one extreme to another. We love being in the roller coaster ride of joy and sorrow. When pain drives us mad, we jump into pleasure and when pleasure palls we seek pain.

How stupid, you may ask? Who in his or her right senses would seek pain? Who, indeed?

Why would anyone want t climb the Himalayas? Why would anyone want to swim the English Channel in freezing winter? Why would anyone want to sail alone across the oceans.  Hundreds, if not thousands, do. They say they do it, because it’s there. So what?

We have a low tolerance for peace. We are uncomfortable when things happen smoothly. We always look for the second shoe to fall. When things go right far too long, we wonder what mischief nature is up to? That’s not her style, we think.

The Tao says time and again to let go. Zen says to flow with life. Do not resist says Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.

There is an intelligence that brought us into this world. This intelligence will take care of us if we let it.It will bring us wealth, name and fame, if we let go.

Do we have the patience and the wisdom?