I had written on this subject of Belief before. I shall certainly come back to it again.

Beliefs are central to our lives. This clip brought to life some key issues about the way we lead our lives.

Beliefs arise from our unconscious mind. They are so deeply embedded in us that we accept them as gospel truths that we need to follow. Religions and society have a vested interest in making us obey our beliefs. They control us through beliefs.

Try to trace the history of one of your deeply cherished beliefs. You may even call this your value system, though these are very different.

‘I shall always be loyal’ may be one of your major underlying beliefs.

First, think back to how you derived this belief. From whom did you learn it? Obviously you were not born with it? Did your parents teach you this belief? If so why? Did they have a vested interest? Were they in turn taught this by their parents?

Or is loyalty a religious belief we imbibed along with our scriptures? Or is it as social norm that they taught us at school?

Whatever its origin, one thing is for sure.  You never seriously though about why loyalty is so valuable to you. How does it add value to you? How does it add value to others?

It is not about whether loyalty or hard work or accountability or whatever else that you believe i strongly being right or wrong. There is very little in this world that is an absolute right or wrong. When someone kills another in a religious fight or a war, it seems right. Otherwise, it’s murder.

So, who defines right and wrong?

Our collective unconscious does. Our tribal beliefs do. Everyone of our cherished beliefs can be logically demolished as damaging at one time or space. Yet, we hold on to them as if our life depended on them.

Becoming aware that many of our deeply held beliefs have no basis rationally or even philosophically, the power of these beliefs over us reduces. We can then respond logically instead of instinctively.

Becoming aware of our beliefs sets us free!