Let me acknowledge this sketch from Esquire on the Net.

Tao says in verse 7:

1.  Nature exists for you and I.

Heaven and Earth nurture us, not themselves.

They endure eternally in service of others.

Being of service to others, they become others and live in others.


The universe, nature, gives everything without even asking. There is no limit to what It gives. Nature is unselfish. It is selfless.

We may not understand all the laws of Nature. So, we ask and cry, why is Nature so cruel. Nature is not cruel. Nature stays detached. It does not differentiate between good and bad, rich and poor, right and wrong.  Nature does not judge.

There is no heaven or hell. We create heaven and hell in our image. We make our lives and others’ lives heaven and hell upon Earth.


2. The Wise One lives to serve others.

The Wise One lives for you and i, not for himself or herself.

In sacrificing everything, the Wise One gains everything.

That is the path of Tao.

The Wise One, The Sage, lives the path of Nature. He or She is Tao.

The Wise One stays detached from all things around him/er.  Is that so, is what she asks , when something happens around us and we rush to seek solace.

The Wise One needs nothing; no shelter, no clothing, no food and no relationships. The Wise One has all that Nature gives, which is bountiful.


How do we apply this in daily life?

The more we seek for ourselves, the more we desire. Greed has no end. Companies have to keep growing for them to survive. Do they have to?

When we seek to serve others first instead of ourselves, we receive all that we desire for others. This is the Law of Tao.

Following the Law of Tao, we gain wealth, name and fame.