All great singers have been philosophers. I wonder if anyone called Elvis a philosopher, but i think he is. In his song ‘In the Ghetto’ he walks a territory that many philosophers do not dare venture into.

I have written on this subject peripherally before. Are we islands?

I hope not. Richard Dawkins in his wonderful book ‘The Greatest Show on earth‘ says that without islands evolution of species would not have been possible. I do bow before superior wisdom. But, having evolved, do we need to be contained in islands?

‘No man is an island’ said John Dunne, ‘entire of itself; every man is a  piece of the continent,  a part of the main..’ Holograms were not invented in John Dunne’s days. What he talks about is the universal hologram. We are a chip of the old block.

Why do we then forget it? Why do we turn away from humanity? This is what Elvis sings and rants about.

The little child with a runny nose, with little to eat and few to love him, turns against the society that has not cared for him. Of course, he ends up dead. Before he died, he might have consigned many others to death.

Is he demonic or are we?

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna, God Incarnate, talks about qualities of the Divine and Demonic.  It is a very simple difference.

When we look at this from the perspective of ‘I’, from ego, we are demonic. We are not concerned about others. We are not concerned about the hungry child in the ghetto who Elvis sang about.

When we shift perspectives and look at things from the viewpoint of ‘You’, in genuine concern for people around us and in a nurturing mode, we become Divine.

That’s all what’s needed. We don’t have to go to temples, churches and mosques.  We don’t have to pray sitting down, on our haunches, standing up or lying down. All we need to do is shift perspective from ‘I’ to ‘YOU’. We shift from the demonic to the Divine.

We come out of the ghetto!