A beautiful analogy!

A mind without judgment is a garden without weeds. It does not exist. It’s not natural.

So, what we need to do is to remove the weeds. The trouble is that this is a full-time job, since the weeds of the mind grow thick and furious.

Or you can use an organic weedkiller!

Meditation is an organic weedkiller. If practiced regularly, it does not allow the weeds of the mind, the judgments, the negative emotions, the pride and the prejudices to  emerge.

In other posts i have provided simple meditation techniques that can help remove the weeds. Do use them.

Often, people who judge others based on their own belief systems are the most vocal in asking others to be non judgmental. What they seek is that you agree with their judgment and not form your own!

In a recent teleclass, a fellow student told me that i had rigid views, when i expressed an opinion that many people tend to believe that the world owes them. Yes, my expression was a universal judgment. Hers was a personal judgment. This then she sought to justify through her belief in being non judgmental.

She said that her belief in a higher power helped her to be non judgmental!

Like thoughts, judgments can never cease. Judgments are thoughts. They rise from our unconscious. There is no way we can stop them. But, we can stop expressing them. If we do express them, we can accept responsibility for expressing them.

When Tao or Zen or Buddha talks about the witnessing mindful mode, they do not mean that we shall be free of judgment. They tell us to witness them, ignore them and move on. They say: do not act on these judgments for you form them through the filters of your senses.

Our sensory perceptions are unreliable. They change with time and space. We form judgments of others through these shifting perspectives. They do not represent the real person you are with. They only represent the shadow picture of the person you are with.

Move into the present. Look at that person as if you are meeting him/er for the first time. Watch your perspective change.

Don’t Judge!