From Warren Buffet to you!

The golden rule is that there is no golden rule! There is also no miracle key to wealth, health and happiness!

I shall talk in a later post about scam artists posing as miracle coaches, but let me stay positive here. Wealth, health and happiness are not merely physical or material manifestations, but in many ways and more importantly issues of mindset.

We either decide we should be wealthy or not.

I was part of a conversation with a woman recently. Her concern was that she was not married. She was externally confident in dates, but internally nervous. This is not unique, in fact very common.  Apart from conscious state explanations, there is a strong possibility that she doesn’t want to be married.

This person may have had a difficult childhood with a broken marriage between parents. She may have had strong experiences in childhood destroying her faith in men. These would unconsciously prevent her from any meaningful relationship.

How to let go such emotional memories?

I shall talk about it in another post later.  But, here let me suggest some simple guidelines.

If you are not as wealthy as you wish, perhaps you have a mental block. No one, in his right mind, wants to stay poor. But, one may have hesitations about being unworthy. You may have unpleasant associations in your mind about wealth based on crooked businessmen.

Bear in mind two things. First, you can remove these mind blocks and clear you way to wealth. Second, that alone would not be enough if become wealthy but unhealthy and unhappy.  You would be surprised at how many people focus on wealth excluding health and happiness. They get what they wish!

To start, think very day, at least when you get up from bed and going to  sleep, about being rich, healthy and happy. See yourself in your mind’s eye being rich, healthy and happy. Visualize being surrounded by a happy, healthy family in expensive surroundings. Make this a practice.

Do this at least for 3 to 4 weeks continuously, consistently, sincerely with the belief that what you visualize is reality.

It will be!

Do let me know how it worked out.

I acknowledge the clip on visualization from You Tube.