If there is one piece of music, one piece of anything to read, listen to or watch if i am stranded forever in an island, this would be it.

John Lennon, in this song, is Buddha incarnate.

After what he has said, there remains nothing more to be said.

Imagine a world without hell or heaven, he says. Imagine a world without religions. Imagine a brotherhood of man. Imagine a world of peace. You may think it’s difficult, but you can.

You can, because that’s our nature. That’s the way we came into this world. We came without a religion telling us what to do and what not to, what is right is right and what’s wrong. It said if we do what it said was wrong we shall burn or fry in hell. If we do what it told us to do, we shall live happily ever after in heaven.

Some religions tell us it’s fine to eliminate the rest of the world if it doesn’t believe us. We can kill others if they are not reared in our religion. How fantastic is that? Others try to gloss over this giving intellectual interpretations that do nothing to dispute the original assertion.

Each religion contradicts the other. There is little meeting point. So, we wage wars. We bomb one another. We destroy buildings where people work. We kill people. We torture nature. Why don’t we instead destroy these religions?

The purpose of man, and woman, is to nurture, not to destroy. Religions as we understand them and practice them teach us the opposite. They teach us intolerance. They condition us into submission. They control our minds to destroy one another.

Each religion says, no, that’s not what we do. We believe in a supreme power. The problem is not with us but with others who do not believe in our supreme power. We have no quarrel once you do.

We confuse spirituality and humanity with religion. Religions are commercial institutions. Their purpose is to control people. It is possible that founders who propounded some of the truths based on which others built these religions did believe in humanity and spirituality. But, those who preach these religions today for money and power don’t.

Please do imagine a world without religion! Not as a dream, but reality!