I acknowledge this beautiful picture of River Ganga from the Net.

Tao says in verse 8:

1. The energy of Cosmos is that of water.

This energy nourishes without being asked.

It seeks  low places others avoid.

Its path is Tao.

Water flows seeking its own level. It does not try to climb mountains.

It nourishes all that it flows through. It does not favor one or another.

Water is life. It cleanses, rejuvenates, revives and sparkles.


2.  Be like water.

Live close to the ground, as low as possible.

Think and act simply and honestly.

When opposed, be fair and generous.

Do not control others.

Work with passion.

be mindful in all that you do.

If you are wise, build low and live low.  Higher you go, more risky it is. It is not Nature.

If you are wise, do not judge others. Think of others as you do yourself. Be fair. Be compassionate.

When someone resists, move away. Let them have their way.

Do not seek power.  let it come to you.

Do what you do without worrying about outcome. Do it if you love doing it. The journey determines the destination.

Be in the Present. Past is history. Future is illusion. NOW is real.


3.  However good you are

Be humble and give way

World will give way to you

That is the Way of Tao.

Strength lies in humility. Aggression destroys. It destroys  you and others. If you have convictions, so do others. Respect them and they will respect you.


Level 5 Leadership is about Leading by Tao. The Wise Leader does not care for himself. He cares for others.