Stephen King didn’t perhaps need any training to start writing his short stories.

Stephen King was perhaps born with a pen in his hand. But, most of us do need some basic training to write for others.

It’s not that one needs any qualifications to write. Any one who can talk can also write, once they learn how to write the alphabets of a language. I am not a native English speaker. For the first fifteen years of my life, i had hardly spoken a few sentences in English. English became my medium of education only in college.

I loved to read from early childhood. Somewhere along the way i started reading in English, though i was not comfortable speaking the language. All that changed when i discovered the joy of writing, in English. It changed even more when i took a distance course in Creative Writing. I ghost wrote over 30 books. My first book, under my name, will be out this summer.I started this blog a month ago. In another post, i shall explain why.

It struck me this morning as i walked my neighborhood park that perhaps i can inspire others to write. If I can write, publish and blog, why not anyone else. Writing gives me a freedom and joy that many other activities do not. I do not need to write to live, but writing makes my life more value added.

I jotted down the  basics of what i had learnt from the time i started writing seriously. You may call them techniques and tools. They form 5 section, each with about 3 posts, 15 in all. I shall be happy to share them with you, one every 15 days, on this blog. Each post will carry with it an assignment that you can file in as a comment to that post. It is that simple.

I may not comment as an expert on each piece, but other readers of this blog can do that. Ultimately, your readers are your judges.

Pretty soon you can start your own blog. You may even start earning through your writing. You don’t have to spend a penny. Go with that dream of wealth and fame!

All you need to do is to subscribe to this blog. Somewhere in the top right corner of this blog is a widget that you can activate to subscribe. Once  i have 100 subscribers, which i guess is not much,  i shall start posting from the fifteenth day. It’s a deal.

Let’s start!