When it comes to the mind, or the brain if you wish, there’s no one better to explain than Vilayanur Ramachandran, Professor at University of California San Diego. Here’s his talk on TED. Worth every second of listening to.

What i want to talk about is a little less scientific, but equally factual.

People talk about re-framing one’s perspective. It’s a common technique in NLP, Coaching and other areas of behavioral change. It’s also called the Paradigm Shift. When it’s about the reality of life, Zen masters called it satori, Buddha called it nirvana and  the Patanjali in his treatise on Yoga called it samadhi.

All these have one thing in common.  They need us to reboot the mind. The mind has to return to a zero state. The word samadhi in Sanskrit means just that, returning to one’s original state at birth. It is the zero state or the infinite state, depending on how one wants to look at it.

What does this mean to us?

It means that no re-framing one’s perspective is possible. One has to go back to a zero perspective before one can alter a perspective. If you wondered why many times Neuro Linguistic Programming and other techniques, which are no doubt sound, did not work as promised, this is why. If you as a coach wondered why the client refuses to accept your visualization technique of affirmation technique, or whatever you added to your tool kit yesterday, this is why.

In psychiatric language, one would call this catharsis. In the olden days, before One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest, they used electric shocks to dislodge one’s memories. Today, they use less obvious but equally harmful drugs. It’s the same difference to the patient who suffers without a solution.

Hypnosis offers a solution in trained hands. Delving into the unconscious means neither therapist nor patient has control, while groping in the dark.

Meditation offers a sure-fire solution with no side effects. This is what Patanjali called samadhi in his Ashtanga Yoga treatise thousands of years ago. Within this frame-work there are solutions to reboot the mind and reinstall programs.

We shall talk about this later if you have interest.