I had not heard of John Wooden till a few days ago. Never knew that he was one of the greatest coaches that ever coached. Yet, he never called himself a miracle coach.

In this clip of John Wooden at another TED talk, there is a frequent mention of another miracle maker.  His name was Jesus. Some where in his talk Wooden says that he became a teacher because that’s where he met the best people. I hope i can say the same of coaches, John’s company excepted.

If you Google for miracle coaches, you find 6 million results. (When i googled for coaches i got 233 million results!) That’s about 0.1% of Earth’s population. That is more than the number of the top 1% high IQ people on this planet. Do i feel the real miracle maker squirming in his grave?

By definition, a miracle is not man-made. If you don’t believe in God, you don’t believe in miracles, period. If you do believe in God, you cannot consider yourself capable of miracles. Unless if course, all these ladies and gentlemen profess to act on behalf of God.

I decided to probe a bit more. I went to the websites of a few miracle coaches. They promised everything under the sun. Nothing was beyond my reach, once i paid my fees to them. Wealth, position, power, love and anything else i chose was mine. They did say that universe would grant me all this. But, they would need their fees to petition the universe on my behalf.

There were many such words as Law of Attraction, Potentiality, and Secret strewn around. Every testimonial had a disclaimer. The disclaimer said that there is no guarantee. There will be no refund. If you believe , all the miracles will happen. If they don’t happen, you don’t believe. Don’t drag the coach into the argument.

What a scam!

There was a video in one of the websites that said: if you are unwilling to pay the fees for this course, it only means that you have a mental block against making money. So, pay up and believe.

Of course, it’s good business for the miracle coach. As it is for the used car sales reps and the penny stock peddler. It’s a pity that there is no law against miracle coaches. Shouldn’t they be crucified?