I have blogged for a month now. So, what?

My blog stats show that in about a month i have had about a 1000 viewers, with an average viewership now of close to fifty a day. is that good, bad or ugly? Does it matter?

I guess it does, as it should to anyone who wants to write a blog.  Why write if no one wants to read us? We are not quite Van Gogh.

I started blogging as part of a course requirement when i signed in for a coaching program with ICA. I had been thinking of blogging for a few years now, with nothing to show for it. So, i should thank ICA for kick starting me, or as they in coaching terms moving me from ‘trying’ to ‘commitment’. I opened an account with WordPress.

I am also a pretender writer. I ghost wrote 30 0dd books for a non profit. My first ‘real’ book with my name as an author will be published in about 3 months, once the Publisher gets the design and stuff done. I decided that after my graduation requirements of the blog would be complete, i would use the stuff for future books that the Publisher wanted me to write.

This was how  started. Even if no one read my blog, it wouldn’t matter. But, things changed. Even my first blog had about 10 viewers. Within a week i had over a hundred. The blog assumed a life of its own.

It was then  i attended a Lethia Owens teleseminar that ICA organized.  I learnt how to leverage my blog through social marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and others. Soon, my Blog was in Twitter and my tweets were in my blog and both were in Facebook and Linked In. I found i liked seeing my name in print.

Whoever says she or he doesn’t like her or his name in print on or offline, is a liar or dead!

What now?

i have fulfilled my grad requirements. I am building material for books. I have some regular viewers and a few compliments. So far, no abuses or insults.

My dream once was to build a community where people could share problems that they face in their daily lives, with others offering whatever best they could to inspire self induced solutions. This would be coaching at its best. This is why i named my blog zentocoach.

I do hope that happens. i hope that what i write prompt others to write in . They can challenge what i say. They can agree with their own variations. Some can post their concerns and problems. Others can suggest ways as a coach would to inspire one’s own solutions.

I hope people will write in. I hope we all shall help one another. I am sure this will happen.

So, please write in. If you wish to, subscribe. Once you start , you will probably start blogging yourself.

that’s the idea of zentocoach.

I acknowledge the great clip i found on the Net.