Life is full of small stuff. Trouble is that we make it heavy.

Ignoring small stuff in life is ignoring the flow of life. It helps when we do not get involved and obsesses with the small stuff. But, neglecting small stuff leads to Big stuff!

Take a simple everyday situation. At the end of a busy day, you are at the local grocery store or the supermarket check out counter. You have to wait and it is beginning to irritate you. As you reach the counter, the person at the counter does not smile or greet you.  Just then, the computer on that line crashes. You now have to go to another line and start all over.

The world crashes around you. Depending on your temperament, you either suffer within hyperventilating or you move on to checkout counter rage. Either way, you are in trouble, Big trouble.

Can you avoid this? Can you avoid checkout counter rage, road rage, home rage and other such rages? Of course, you can.

If at each stage of mounting irritation you had become aware of the stress building within you, you would have been able to witness what was happening within you.  The very awareness of the increasing stress would have reduced its impact on you. Going within, you would have been able to cope with what was happening outside.

I don’t want to use complex terminology and technology to help overcome the stress build up. All one has to do is watch one’s breathing consciously.

I described this process as a meditation in an earlier post. Once you practice this and get used to it, you can apply it to any situation at any time and place.  For instance, at the end of a busy day, you can work on the accumulated stress by watching your breath while driving.

You will find that the focus on your breath makes you more aware while you drive. Instead of day dreaming or even listening to news or talking on the  phone or even mulling over what happened earlier in the day, watching the breath slows you down. It makes you focus. It makes your ability to see, hear, taste, smell and fear better.

In addition, this process of watching your breath enables you to clear the baggage of stress as it accumulates. The small stuff disappears as it builds up.

Do go within by watching your breath from time to time. Make it a habit. It prevents the Big stuff from building up.