For many, job is drudgery. It’s only attraction is money. Life is hell in such cases.

For some, job is life. It’s a career. It’s part of life. There is no other alternative. One copes with the no choice option.

For a few, very few, job is passion. It’s not a job. It’s not part of life, but life. Such people rejoice every moment.

Where are you in this spectrum? Is it a hard day’s night for you? Is coming home the best thing for you? Have you been forced into something without a choice? is it only the Beatles or is it a whole generation that felt the angst and anger at being stuck with what we didn’t like?

When we have no passion for what we do, we can never do it well. Unfortunately, a majority of people are square pegs stuck in round holes, unable to get out. In some cases, it’s the golden chain that binds them to their jobs and careers. In other cases, people get so dispirited that they remind me of cows destined for slaughter. They bleat, but make no efforts to get out.

Our systems, especially in the manufacturing space,were no different from abattoirs. Unions do not allow outsiders to get in and insiders to get out. Management wants to extract the last pound of flesh and the last ounce of blood, in return for the feed. The rut manufacturing  industry is in many parts of the world has been because of the hell holes factories had become. I should know. I worked in many over many years.

The service industry and the so-called ‘intelligence industry’ have turned out better.  The saving grace has been the trend now for people to work from home. The burgeoning Net phenomenon makes this possible for many of us. You can now work anywhere, anytime, anyway, anyhow, in any combination you choose.

Technology has finally come to the rescue of humanity. You and i have the choice to reach out to the world with the skills we have and add to the skills we have. We can customize our skill sets to suit our passion.

We have nothing to lose but drudgery!