If you never plan to hear another speech again don’t, but do listen to this one. Steve Job’s commencement speech at Stanford is one of the most inspiring I’ve heard. It’s the stuff of the American Dream.

Do you want to make a difference in your life, with your life? Listen to this man.

What does it take to rise again and again, after each fall, not confident whether one would walk without falling, but knowing one must whatever it takes? Does the human mind has within it the courage and determination to rise above all odds pursuing a dream, a mission that is the purpose of its life?

Steve Jobs talks about life and death, better than nay guru i have heard.He talks about it more genuinely having experienced what he talks about it.

Life, he says, drops a brick on your head once a while. You lose a job, lose a love, or lose your reputation. Get up and walk again. What can you achieve by being depressed and complaining how unfair life is. So what? Life can be unfair. But, you can make it fair, if you don’t go to town crying and instead look life in the eye and say here I’m, back.

Steve Jobs says he looks at each day as if it’s the last day of his life. Is this how i wish to spend my last day on this earth, he asks. Do that every day and your life will change.

We shall look at life and death , and issues concerning life and death, again and gain on this blog, life and death willing, God willing. There is nothing we can do about death. You cannot even postpone it, however advanced modern technology is. Spare part technology can only take you that far. Perhaps, you may add another ten to the three score and ten. You gotta go when you gotta.

But, you can do something with your life, to your life. You can live it with passion. You can live it doing what you love to. That’s the way to make a difference.

If you want a transcript of Steve Job’s speech, click here.