Chakras have been in fashion for a while now. Every energy healer of any denomination talks glibly about chakras and how to energize them. They wave their hands over you as you lie on a couch like magicians about to produce a rabbit out of your belly.

The trick is the same.

Some of what these guys talk about and do is quite dangerous. I followed the advice of a New Age Californian author a couple of decades to ago on chakra energizing. I ended almost losing an eye! I later learnt that people have lost their minds doing this stuff.

I am posting this piece to educate as well as warn.

Indian and Chinese spiritual schools, of Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen and Tao, as well as traditional medical systems that arose from these spiritual schools, believed that the human mind body spirit system is energy. This is why Hinduism and  Buddhism consider life as eternal. This inner energy within continues even after the physical mind body perishes at death. This in turn leads to concepts of karma, rebirth etc.

The inner energy within us, the inner energy that sustains us, is an integral part of the energy of the Universe, the Cosmic energy. Hindu philosophy of the Vedas believed that this inner energy lies dormant in our perineum. When dormant, it works on instinctive reactions related to survival and security needs.

This inner energy, called kundalini energy, can be awakened through techniques of yoga and tantra. The purpose is to make us self-aware. When this kundalini energy at the root or muladhara chakra center rises to the top of the head, the crown chakra center, we become fully Self-aware. We become aware that we are nothing but cosmic energy.

The path of the kundalini energy from the root energy center to the crown energy center is through  a virtual energy pathway along the spine, passing through 5 other inner energy centers. all called chakra. Chakra refers to an active inner energy center, circular and spinning like a wheel.

Most Western literature i have read on this subject are superficial and often dangerous. People have lost their health and even mind following New Age techniques purported to awaken the kundalini energy. After my bad experience following some of these techniques, i decided to learn from the scriptures directly.

Awakening the kundalini energy has practical benefits. We become intuitive. We become compassionate. We become coaches and healers. There are safe methods and unsafe shortcuts.

I shall outline some safe methods on this journey of mind body spirit in future posts.