Anger, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony are the seven deadly cardinal sins. These mortal cardinal sins condemn one to eternal damnation, if not worse.

If you look at them carefully, they are not sins at all, let alone cardinal sins. They are merely emotions. From the perspective of some they are negative emotions. They are negative because many of us consider them unproductive.

But then, are anger, envy, pride and lust unproductive? Why then do we refer to righteous indignation? Without some envy, can motivation exist and progress follow? Without lust can the human species survive? Without pride can we excel?

All emotions, whether we term them positive or negative, are part of our inner energy. Inner energy is neutral. So is nature. Depending on the outcome of the inner energy, we judge them as productive or destructive, positive or negative. We can express our inner energy positively.

Focusing anger on an issue, instead of a person, is a very productive way of harnessing an otherwise difficult-to-handle emotion. Responding to an issue on its entirety, instead of reacting instinctively, significantly changes the outcome.

One can channel envy into an understanding of one’s own uniqueness. Instead of comparing with another and reacting from envy, we can learn to look at another and learn how to express our uniqueness. Lust  can become love. Pride can lead to excellence.

We talked about chakras, the energy centers, in an earlier post. Each chakra links with an emotion. The Root energy center energizes the primal emotions of lust and other desires. The heart center energizes emotions of human connectivity and love. The third eye energy center energizes emotions of pride and self-esteem. The crown head energy center energizes emotions of gratitude and trust.

The seven deadly cardinal sins become, with a little effort, seven cardinal energy centers.

We express and act based on this emotional inner energy expressions every day. We cannot do without them. We cannot ignore them calling them sins. In fact, they are not sins. They are a powerful part of our being. We need to learn how to manage these emotions for our benefit.

Simple centering techniques can help us manage these emotions. These techniques energize the inner energy centers, the chakras, and help us redirect the emotional energies in a socially appropriate context.  In future postings, i shall talk about these energy centers, their corresponding emotions and the centering techniques.

If you practice them, you would be surprised how quickly your life changes before your eyes.