Anyone who reads my posts knows that I am a Beatles fan. Here’s George Harrison with his anguished prayer to the Energy beyond us.

This song to me epitomizes meditation. It has the focus, power, energy, love and passion to convert one’s intention to reality. This is what Hindu philosophy tries to do with repeated use of the names of God as well as associated rituals. The rituals and repetition, japa or mantra, may not have any logical meaning. Instead, they embed into our unconscious or is it our super-conscious, the intent so deeply that new neural networks and synapses form.

A Westerner friend, with a deep interest in Eastern spirituality, sent me a posting from a learned Hindu scholar that said meditation does not change one’s heart, and therefore one’s consciousness.

How does the heart connect with the mind? How does the mind connect with the brain? Do we know? Perhaps Dr. V.S Ramachandran of Salk Institute, San Diego, about whom I’ve posted earlier does, but he hasn’t said anything yet. Yet, mind, body, heart and brain connect in mysterious ways. Can meditation be the link? Why not?

Meditation moves you from without to within. It moves our mind away from sensory inputs into the energy within. This is where the energy connection between mind, heart, body and brain happens. It happens before a neuron can whisper God.

Mantra and other aids are mere aids. They are centering techniques. Hindu philosophy, especially yoga, calls them dharana, focusing. Dharana  or centering techniques are part of many treatises on Tantra.

Dhyana, meditation, is different. The technique leads to a state of mind, where the mind disengages from the senses and the body, and connects with energy.

Am i mouthing another set of words? No.

I have tried hundreds of centering techniques and found several that lead to this shift in consciousness. How long the shift lasts depends on how committed and sincere we are.

In an earlier post, i have described a couple of very simple centering techniques, deliberately calling them meditation. They do lead to meditation and energy.

Try and find out! Don’t believe me!