Don’t watch this video. Ouch! If you have already watched it, bookmark your mind never to watch such stuff again!

Or to ever engage in such body contortions again.

Yoga is not about pretzel poses. There is no hot yoga, cold yoga, dynamic yoga, or energy yoga, just as there is no nude yoga and porn yoga. These are marketing hypes. There are not real.

Yoga is not a noun. It’s a verb. It is the active process of uniting body, mind and spirit. It is about the active energy within. It is dynamic and happening. It’s not static and pretentious.

The very first statement that Patanjali, the Father of Yoga, and author of Yoga Sutras, the definitive text on Yoga, says:

Yoga is the cessation of the modifications of the mind.

Every yoga practitioner, especially those who call themselves teachers, should understand and practice this, if they have anything to with yoga.

Yoga is not anything to with the body. All postures, the pretzel poses, are aids to reaching mind body coördination that eventually leads to disengagement of the mind from the senses. This is what Patanjali calls cessation of the mind.Yoga leads one within. Yoga leads one to the energy that sustains us.

If done with the right intent, every movement you make or not make, can become yoga. Your sitting posture is yoga. Your sleeping posture is yoga. Your walk or jog is yoga. There is no difference between any of these and the complicated poses they teach you. The difference is the intent they don’t teach you.

I shall be happy to argue with anyone who feels otherwise. I have Patanjali on my side!

I shall post more in detail on Ashtanga Yoga, the method Patanjali described as yoga, later.

The video is about a yoga competition. That’s pathetic.  Creating stress and envy is not yoga. Yoga is personal. It’s about one’s uniqueness. How can crass competition and commercialization enter this space? What next? Competition in meditation or Zen or Tao?

If there’s enough interest, i can request a friend, a real yoga teacher, to explain what yoga is and isn’t.