Thich Nhat Hanh again!

Watch this clip to get an idea what breathing is about and what it can do. Unfortunately, it’s not a great clip as far as the commentary goes. This takes away from the true principle of breathing, which i am sure isn’t what Hanh intended. The gong and other noises do interfere with the meditation.

Other clips i found on breathing meditation were far worse!

The Hindu technique of breathing leading to centering and ultimately to meditation is Pranayama. The popular translations reads breath control. Control of any kind is not meditation. Meditation is letting go. Pranayama leads to centering of mind through associated techniques. These are Dharana. Through practice of Dharana, we enter the space of meditation, Dhyana. This is the foundation of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga. We talked of these in an earlier post.

In Buddhist practice, there is no effort to control the breath. Vipassana, the simplest and the most powerful breathing meditation, described in an earlier post, is the watching of breath. This leads directly to meditation, Dhyana. No intermediary steps of breath control and centering are necessary.

The center of our breathing is the peak of our energy. Breathing is the vibration of life. By focusing on our breath, we bring ourselves in tune with our own energy. Our breath has three components. These are inhalation, exhalation and the two spaces between inhalation and exhalation. It is as if the breath turns from inhalation to exhalation and from exhalation to inhalation. We have no control over this movement. As it turns from inhalation to exhalation and exhalation to inhalation, the breath stops.

We die!

In every breath we die and are reborn. The space between inhalation and exhalation and exhalation and inhalation is death and rebirth. When you breathe in meditation, focus on this space. The mind will become clearer and clearer. In this space, mind cannot function. It cannot think. It rests. In death, it gives birth.

Don’ believe me . Try it. In my posting, i described a humming meditation. Try this within that meditation. After humming while exhaling, wait before you inhale. Watch that space. In the same way, after inhaling, before you hm and exhale, pause. Watch that space.

You will discover yourself!

If you don’t, question me!