I don’t know who sings this. i found this clip beautiful. It made me change my views on Euthanasia. Thank you, whoever you’re.

The Indian Supreme Court has passed a landmark judgment on Euthanasia recently. Not being a legal wizard, i understand the judgment to mean that Euthanasia is now legal in India, though the person on whose behalf the case was filed has not been granted the right to die.

I guess there is no doubt in most people’s mind that one should have the right to die, if one chooses to. The Supreme Court of India has very wisely observed that suicide should no longer be a criminal offense in India. It is tragicomic that a society would choose to punish someone so desperate to end one’s life rather than helping that person.

No religion, government or institution of any kind should have the right to decide upon one’s right to live and die, as long as this does not affect someone’s else’s life. This is what most governments in the world are veering to. Religions are not so certain. Many religions would like us to believe that they hold the power of life and death over us. Why should they?

Religion & Spirituality are man-made. They have no right to control man, or woman for that matter. Their duty is to support man and woman in their quest to find a purpose in life.  When people fail in this and lose faith in religion, they may decide to leave this world. What right has a failed religion to intervene in this matter? After all, most religions and all of spirituality proclaim that mind body spirit is energy and that the inner energy is eternal.

However, the issue is about those who cannot make this decision to live or die themselves. That’s what this clip refers to. What about children? What about the disabled? What about those who aren’t in a position to decide for themselves?  the concern is that society may decide to be rid of them against their wish. This should not happen.

Will legalized Euthanasia lead to this? It may. If sufficient safeguards are not built-in others may pull the plug on those who still wish to live.

I see this issue pretty close to that of the right to abort. As a man, i have no right to say anything for or against. It ought to be the decision of the concerned mother. but, it must be a well-informed and well thought out decision.