While acknowledging this great picture from the web, i apologize to those who have a fear of snakes.

The three and a half coiled serpent represents the primal inner energy called kundalini energy in Hindu scriptures. As i mentioned in my earlier postings on chakras, this kundalini energy rests dormant in our perineum region. It’s potential inner energy that lies unused except for very basic survival functions. It’s the driving force behind our mind body spirit system.

As long as the kundalini energy lies dormant in the root chakra energy center, also called the muladhara chakra, all that we use this inner energy for is to eat, sleep and reproduce. We use the unlimited power of this inner energy exactly in the same way as an animal would.

In the case of animals, this root energy center is the highest point of their inner energy hierarchy. So, when they act out of this inner energy, they act in unison with their highest purpose. They flow with nature. They act in accordance with the laws of nature. An animal eats when it’s hungry. No animal in the wild is ever obese. An animal always mates to reproduce. Animals don’t watch porn.

In humans, the root chakra is the lowest level of the inner energy hierarchy. A human has the potential to move from his or her instinctive primal passions to an intelligent and intuitive mind state that fulfills the purpose of the human evolution.  A human has a choice to move from the level of an animal to that of the divine. An animal does not have that choice. It is bound by the rules of nature.

When we act based on the dormant inner energy at the root chakra, we react instinctively to the body needs for survival. We start looking at all those around us as potential competitors for resources that are essential for our survival. We act out of basic greed. We compete, fight, grab, hoard, gloat and waste.

In future posts i shall go into more details of how we can move out of this state into one of fulfilling our desires in a more intelligent and intuitive way, recognizing that the resources of the universe are truly infinite.

For now, i would like you to recognize this behavior pattern within you. This mindset of primal greed based on instinctive survival needs makes us work against one another. The very awareness of what we are doing results in a mind shift. This inner energy, the kundalini energy of the snake, awakens.