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The Bible says in Genesis 1.1: In the beginning was  the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

Hindu Scriptures and Buddhist scriptures say otherwise. The Veda, origin of Hinduism and Buddhism, is  about sound and not word. Word followed sound.

Veda distinguishes between sruti, sound based wisdom and smriti, word based wisdom. Sruti, wisdom of sound, is divine in origin. Smriti, wisdom of word, is human in origin. All Veda Hindu scriptures are sruti, sound based.  Transmission of the Veda was  by mouth to ear, with intonation, pitch and meter meticulously maintained through millenia to ensure purity.

OM, the Veda says, is the sound that is the origin of all creation. OM is the pranava mantra, the primal sound, declaration of creation. In the beginning, there was Sound, and nothing but Sound.

Science supports this Veda theory. All explanations about matter revolve around particles that vibrate, either as waves, packets, strings or membranes, depending upon how recent the theory is. The universe rests on vibration. Vibration is sound, nothing but sound. Space that science considered as vacuüm is now seen as energy, with its own vibration and sound. All energy vibrates and produces sound.

How does all this help us?

We, our mind body spirit system, consist of inner energy.  All matter is energy. All energy is vibration. All vibration is sound. Every moment we are resonating in sound, even when we are in silence, perhaps more when we are in silence. When we tune into this sound, this energy of vibration, we are in tune with our own inner energy. We can then find our greatest potential for performance.

This is the basis of the mantra and japa, the sacred sounds of Hindu Buddha religions. Mantras, vibrational syllables and japas, which are repetition of mantras, tune us into specific inner energy pathways within us, producing powerful sympathetic vibrations.

Most meditations, including watching one’s breath, have their foundation on the principle of using this inner energy of sound to bring us in unison with our cosmic inner energy.

In an earlier posting, i described two powerful meditations to enhance your inner energy. Do try them out. Try for 21 days. You will find a difference.

In the coming days, i shall post more meditation techniques that you can work on safely.