Some readers may consider this post controversial for more reasons than one.


First, Anything said about sex affects many adversely, especially those who obsessed about it.

Second, the person i post the you tube video clip on, Osho, is a man many love to hate.

Third, whoever heard of meditation helping sex addiction? Insurance is fine, but meditation?


First things first. We need to face obsessions, taboos and fears. More one closets them, more they control and torture us. Second, Osho is one of the rarest masters i know of, who was not a hypocrite.  He was transparent. What you saw of him was what you got in him. He is my favorite teacher, speaker and author, though I don’t consider him a guru, a model to emulate. Third, this meditation works. Just give it a try.


In earlier posts, i spoke of the link between our inner energy centers and emotions, and of hormonal centers. The root inner energy center, muladhara chakra, where the kundalini energy rests dormant, is the center of primal instinctive survival emotions. It is the seat of hunger, greed and lust. It’s the center of our sexual repressions. It is the inner energy sex center.


The fist step in self-awareness is to awaken the dormant kundalini energy in the root inner energy center. This will allow us  awareness of our repressed obsessions of greed and lust. It’ll help us move towards disengagement from these obsessions.


Continuous practice of meditation techniques will lead us into a state of accepting our desires as they arise. We don’t need to aggressively work on fulfilling them or to desperately repress them in fear of societal reprisals.


Osho talks about such a technique in the video clip from YouTube. One of his sites has a description and clip of this technique. Its basis is Tantra from Hindu Scriptures.


Based on the original source of Osho’s technique, i give you a much simpler and shorter technique that is just as powerful. Practice it for 3 weeks. You’ll find amazingly energizing and cleansing. The chakra meditation technique has 4 steps.

1. Stand bare footed, with legs about two feet distance apart, eyes closed. Spread your arms wide, parallel to ground. Gently move up and down as if you are a bird in flight, flapping your arms, moving down to a semi-squatting position and then rising up. Go only as low as comfortable. Don’t get stuck. Breathe randomly, chaotically and not in rhythm with your up and down movement. Do this for 7 minutes.


2. Come back to standing position with eyes closed. Tense your body and relax limb by limb from feet to head. Spend about 45 seconds keeping each limb tensed and 15 seconds relaxed, one minute per set of limbs, across 7 parts, say from 1. feet to knees, 2. knee & thigh/ groin, 3. middle body, 4. chest to neck, 5. face 6. head and 7. the entire body. Tense, relax, tense, relax…Inhale and hold while tensed, exhale while relaxing. Do this for 7  minutes, as a complete cycle from toe to head.


3. Dance. Gently or vigorously as you wish. Focus on exhaling. If alone, send out a ‘HOO’ sound from your belly. If you cannot make a sound, just send out a whoosh of exhaled breath. Do this for 7 minutes.


4. Stand, rest, breathe normally. All with eyes closed. One minute.


Don’t get too technical on this chakra meditation. If you wish to keep a multiple timer device. Otherwise, relax and play it by the ear. If you wish use music that excites you.


In later posts, i shall discuss a few implications of energizing and unblocking the kundalini energy from the root inner energy center, muladhara chakra. This is the starting point of all inner energy or chakra awakening.


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