I hadn’t heard of Abraham Hicks or Jerry & Esther till my search for a video clip on the Noble Truths of Buddha landed me on this one.

I doubt if i shall return to their site again!


Its title  ‘Desires cause suffering’  is misleading. It is an unfortunate misinterpretation of what Buddha said. The clip talks about how to fulfill one’s greed rather than how to overcome greed. It conveniently uses the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is also based on Buddha, when he said that ‘We are what we think’. But, to mix the two does not do justice to either truth.


Buddha said that desires are the cause of suffering. He said that the constant cycle of life and death, saṃsāra as it’s called in Hindu and Buddhist scriptures , results from desires. Unfortunately, desires are part of living. Desires arise from thoughts. Thoughts cannot be stopped, whatever gurus may say.

Desires arise from breathing. Each breath signifies the desire to live. If you had no desire to live, inhalation will not follow exhalation.


It’s only at death that thoughts and desires cease. Pure inner energy, which is where we end at death, has no desires. The  body mind spirit houses desires. As long as body, mind and spirit are active, we  desire, by whatever name we call it, greed, lust, obsession or passion.

What Buddha referred to, and what Hindu scriptures caution against is the attachment to desires.  Desires cannot be stopped, but one can discard attachment to desires. This is the disengagement process Krishna offers to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita:

‘Do what you must. Act as you need to, but do not be attached to outcome. Leave that to Me.’


You may not believe in God or Krishna, but this advice is sound.

Focus on the process of action, not the outcome.

Just think for yourself. In any project you undertake, be it a home chore such as cooking or an office chore as a complicated project, what would happen if  you obsessed about the result all the time. You will have no time to focus on work. But, this is what all management experts advice you to do. They tell you to keep the end in mind and focus on it.

This is why no management expert has ever succeeded in business.


Set yourself a reasonable intent and then drop it from your mind. Focus on the journey. Enjoy the journey. Whatever destination you reach is the right destination for you.

Desires arise from your root  inner energy center, the muladhara chakra. Practice the dynamic meditation i posted a few days ago.  At the beginning of the meditation, set yourself the intent of achieving whatever you desire. Then go into the meditation. At the end consider the desire fulfilled and let go.

You’ll find yourself far more focused on the process and the journey. This will help you reach what you desire without suffering, if that’s what you truly want. This will help you enjoy life.