The Jasmine revolution is in India! The new square for revolution is Jantar Mantar in New Delhi!

A couple on moths ago, and it seems so long now, when Mubarak was holding fast against his detractors, i had lunch with two guests from UK. One was an Egyptian Professor, who was campaigning against Mubarak. I asked him innocently what he had against Mubarak.

The elderly, experienced and respected Egyptian Professor, now living in UK, explained to me how Mubarak and his family had looted the wealth of his nation. He said they must have stolen at least $ 40 billion.

I laughed. I told him how one insignificant politician, who was for a while the Telecom Minister, is now being accused of looting much more than that. The aptly named ‘King’ Raja, had not then been arrested. I told him that Mubarak would be a pauper among the political princes of India who had spirited away the nation’s wealth into Swiss Banks. The British in their 300 years of rule came now here close to what our Congress and BJP leaders managed in a mere 60 years.

I asked him: In Egypt you can replace a dictatorship with democracy, and you hope it’ll work. What do we with the democracy we have? Where do we go from here? Where can we go from here?

I had no answer. The emotional Professor had no answer. He merely asked, ‘if what you say is true, we have no hope.

Corruption in India had the power to silence any right thinking mind!

But, now we have Anna Hazare. And, I have some hope. India has some hope.

For the first time after Gandhi, one man has ignited our consciousness again. By laying his life at the altar of the common man’s cause, Anna Hazare has rekindled hope in millions like me, who have become skeptical non-believers in democracy.For the time, many believe we can uproot corruption in India.

From what has been the refuge of the scoundrels and the corrupt, we can redeem democracy into the  supreme spiritual governance that Lincoln extolled as the government of the people, for the people, by the people, that shall not perish from the Earth.

Anna Hazare, I salute you humbly! Jai Ho, Anna Hazare!