Tao Te Ching says:

Center your mind on to the One who you are. Let your body become supple like a babe. Be clean and see the light within. 10.1

Understand who you are first. Don’t be concerned about changing the world. Change yourself. Look to your inner energy.

When you were born, you were more innocent, more intelligent and more intuitive. Your inner energy was at its peak.

What you learnt made you what you are today. Do you really think your efforts are of any consequence, unless you have demonstrated that your life has changed by what you believe. And how it has changed to benefit others.

Become a child. Move inwards, not outwards. Nature knows how to take care of itself. What nature does may not seem to suit you, but that’s nature’s way.

A child is curious about nature. A child is curious about people. A child doesn’t try to control. Become a child again.

Love those around you. Don’t expect them to follow. Allow what is important to flow. Let go your mind and gain wisdom. 10.2

Why do you seek to control? Why do you seek to advice? Why do you seek to lead? Who do you seek to lead?

Seek to care. Seek to empathize. Seek to help. Seek to follow. Do not seek to lead. Do not seek to control.

Your desire to control others arises from your external focus. It arises from what the senses tell the mind. Disengaging from the senses, disengages the mind from external disturbances. You move inwards.The mind body spirit opens to inner energy.

All that’s important is within. There’s nothing outside that’s of any value to you, any other and the World.

Create and nourish. Have without owning. Act without desiring result. Lead, don’t control. This is the highest virtue. 10.3

By moving within, you activate inner energy. Through the inner energy, you activate inner strength. You awaken the inner potential and create all that you need in this World.

Act. Act according to your needs. Act without getting obsessed with results of action. Act without directing others to what you want.

Lead by following. Let your inner energy tell you what you need to do so that what you do benefits others and the World. You are then the true leader.

This is The Way of the Tao.

I acknowledge this stamp of a dog leading a blind man in the way of the Tao.