I acknowledge this You Tube video clip exposing a miracle healing scam using magnets. Unfortunately, i could not get a relevant one for fraudulent healers in other disciplines!

Thousands, if not millions, claim they are followers of one healing discipline or another. Many of these disciplines operate as cults. You would be qualified, initiated, and milked for cash before you become a healer. Post initiation, you need to swear allegiance to one master or another and perform rituals that may range from the ridiculous to the weird.

A favorite word with all such healers is energy healing. These healers talk about the inner energy glibly. They are in great communion with everybody else’s energy except their own. The private lives of many of these healers, who claim to heal others, are best left unexplored.

I am a healer trained in many healing disciplines. I am not an atheist. I am not scientifically biased against holistic healing processes. I am only biased against frauds who control others claiming they are of help to them.

Many inner energy healing practices, such as Reiki and Pranic Healing, claim to work through chakra healing. Chakras, inner energy centers, are virtual centers. They may not even be within our body as we know our body boundaries.

You may not know where your chakras are. How can someone else know where your chakras are, let alone figure out how fast they are whirling and how to make them whirl faster or slower?

Yes, it’s possible for you to heal yourself by balancing your own energy. No one else can do it for you.

I am a Reiki master. I learnt Pranic Healing. I followed other esoteric healing disciplines. I learnt meditations from various religious disciplines to energize the chakras, inner energy centers. I teach many these techniques.

Yet, I have no clue to where someone else’s  chakras are or how to energize them. At best, i can teach them techniques that they need to practice to energize themselves.

Any one who tells you that he/she can see your chakras and how they whirl, and pretend to fine tune your energy, is a complete fraud. Run from them. Cross the road.

I have suffered from these frauds. I have seen many suffer from such frauds. My only interest is to warn others before they suffer too.

It’s all not negative. Chakras are for real. Your inner energies are for real. You need to discover them. You need to fix them yourself.

Yes, You can.

I shall guide you how.