The beautiful lyrics of Go Go’s Lust to Lust say all that i want to!

It used to be fun was in
The capture and kill
In another place and time
I did it all for thrills …..

And you’re the one to blame
I used to know my name
But I’ve lost control of the game
‘Cause even though I set the rules
You’ve got me acting like a fool
When I see you I lose my cool

Lust to love
Was the last thing I was dreaming of
And now all I want is just to love
Lust turned to love

When you are in lust, you think you’re in control of the game. When you’re in Love, you’re in control of yourself!

Most of us don’t differentiate or discriminate between love and lust. What we think as love is most often lust. It’s about physicality. It’s about attraction. We think that this attraction is a sacred magnetic attraction, but all it does is to cause an erection. It’s no better than when a pack of dogs surround a bitch in heat.

Nothing wrong with that, if you’re a dog. When nature equipped us with a mind and consciousness, even though we may not fully grasp the potential of what these are, nature gave us the freedom to move beyond nature. So, the natural cycles of reproductive urges that apply to animals don’t apply to us. We’re ready to fire anytime, anywhere, anyhow, anyway.

Where does this lead us except to population explosion and degeneration of environment? Now that .xxx is the red light district of the Net, sex is legitimate What next?

When the muladhara chakra, the root inner energy center, and the base of the kundalini energy, blocks when we’re in lust. When it’s energized, and the kundalini energy is released, we wake up to our inner energy potential. Lust transmutes to Love. The meditation i posted earlier helps you in this transmutation journey of inner energy.

Sex can be  joyful inner energy, not cheap, closeted fun that leads to guilt. Our mind body spirit gets corrupted and diseased when this happens. This is why gurus who pretend to be celibates and mate behind doors should be locked up. Being self-styled authority figures, they degrade the mind body spirit. They corrupt us.

When lust urns to Love, sex becomes more joyful. It’s then interactive, communicative and compassionate. It’s not merely physical, it’s mind body spirit energy.

Meditate and become an alchemist. Transmute your lust to Love and enjoy more!