If you watch through this TEDMED clip (and put up with the baby) patiently, you can read this post now!

Let me address a few points these masters haven’t!

Ornish talks about changing one’s life style to heal oneself. Deepak Chopra talks about  collective consciousness first and then asks the audience to tune into the listener to become still. Both talk about healing. They talk about healing through inner energy.

You can call this inner energy anything you like, soul, spirit, spiritual energy, cosmic intelligence, Allah, Christ, Shiva or Krishna. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you recognize reaching into that inner energy to make you feel well.

External events affect us through our senses.  We react emotionally.  Emotions set out mind and thoughts. Our mind-set makes us ill or well. All doctors, however obstinate they may still be, do know now that the mind affects the body and body the mind. Wellness and illness are holistic.

The seven chakras, inner energy centers, influence our emotions. Well-being of chakras, inner energy centers, decide whether we are well or ill.

  • The root inner energy center, muladhara chakra, influences our primal survival emotions of greed and lust.
  • The Spleen inner energy center, swadishthana chakra, influences fear.
  • The navel inner energy center, manipuraka chakra, influences worry, stress and aggression.
  • The heart inner energy center, anahata chakra, influences love, compassion and attention need.
  • The throat inner energy center, vishuddhi chakra, influences comparison and envy.
  • The third eye inner energy center, ajna chakra, influences ego, arrogance and self-esteem.
  • The crown inner energy center, sahasrara chakra, influences discontent and gratitude.


These inner energy centers also influence hormonal glands in their region. In turn , they affect the way our body mind system functions. They help in emotional healing.

When these inner energy centers are open, we feel well. Remember how carefree and joyful most children are. Their chakras are open and energetic. As the world around educates them, they become serious, less joyful and less energetic. The world around blocks their chakras and robs them off their inner spiritual energy.

So, can we at all become energetic and joyful again? Can our chakras be energized again? YES!!!

All you need to do is to follow some simple chakra meditation techniques. No one else can do it for you. You must do it yourself. You have to energize your own mind body system to make you well again.

This is YOGA. Yet, it’s not the YOGA you are normally told about. This is not about contorting your body, with and without clothes, and in hot and cold. This is ‘true’ Patanjali YOGA, one of uniting mind, body and spirit through meditation.

Start with some of the chakra meditation techniques i have posted earlier. A few are general. The one about energizing the muladhara chakra was in this post.

These techniques are safe and they do work. This is emotional healing at work.