I acknowledge this song from Casting Crowns on You Tube.

Millions seem to have liked and endorsed this song. I’m disturbed by it.

This is the typical Western view-point, rather the Church and not the Christian view-point of self-flagellation in front of a fearful God. Is this how we like to see ourselves, sinful, in need of forgiving, and constantly begging someone else to redeem us. Why?

The Hindu scriptures, Tao and Zen say otherwise. That’s what Jesus too said, but not the Church. These scriptures say we are divine. Our inner energy is eternal and divine. Look within they say, not outside, and you shall surely see you are divine.

The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono healing system says the same thing in a different context. Look within, love your inner self, get rid of your negativity and polish yourself till you see the divine inner energy within you.

Krishna says in the Gita: As long as you look at outside from inside keeping the “i” as your focus, you are demonic. When you switch your view from inside to inside , keeping ‘You’ as the focus, you see the world in you, and you are indeed divine.

In recent times, Ramana Maharishi taught his self-enquiry process to awaken this divine inner energy. Nisargadatta Maharaj spoke on this inner divine energy extensively. They encapsulated in their teachings the four cardinal truths of the Vedas and Hindu scriptures:  I AM DIVINE.

Our analytical mind can never accept this. It’s too corrupted. On the one hand, it has the arrogance to want to control the Universe. On the other, at the first sign of nature seemingly overpowering it, it cries and mourns, God, why are you so unkind?

God is neither kind nor unkind. He IS. We too ARE.

Look at yourself, not as the pitiable self that this song purportedly based on the Bible depicts, but as some one invincible, as God, as Divine, head held high and proud. Proud as a humble Zen master is. Proud as the near naked Ramana Maharishi was. Proud that you need nothing from no one, but can give all to every one.

You can be that Self, because that’s what you really ARE.